Fractal Trees: A Deep New Insight.

Welcome to the Forest

This is a mathematical adventure towards the heart of geometry. It will take place in an unexplored region of the MathWorld map labeled with "here be dragons".

With the help of giant's shoulders we will discover that instead of dragons there is a peaceful family of infinitely ramified self-similar trees.

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Fractal Trees Exploratorium

This collection of fractal explorers will allow you to get an intuitive knowledge of fractal trees dynamics while moving around the branch locators. Spread your seeds in different regions of the forest and observe what happens. (Notice that the CDF Player must be installed first.)

Jumping into the third dimension will be better accomplished through the installation of one of the 3D fractal explorers currently available.

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A Gallery of Fractal Trees

This is an extensive gallery of different specimens collected by the author. They are ordered in a careful manner and grouped in four different families. The biggest family is composed by harmonic trees, trees that arise from the system of proportions inherent to the structure of regular polygons.

They represent new visual manifestations of the Silver and Golden Ratios and their generalized relatives.

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