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ilato::volume_parameters Struct Reference

Public Attributes

std::string rawFilename =""
std::string elementType = ""
bool binaryData = false
bool binaryDataByteOrderMSB = false
bool compressedData = false
Eigen::Affine3d transformMatrix = Eigen::Affine3d::Identity()
Eigen::Vector3d offset = Eigen::Vector3d::Zero()
std::vector< double > elementSpacing
 This vector (of the length of 3) contains the spacing in x-,y- and z-direction.
int ndims = 3
std::vector< int > dimSize = std::vector<int>(3,1)
 This vector contains the x-, y- and z-length of the scalar field.
std::vector< double > elementSize
int headerSize = -1
int elementNumberOfChannels = 1
std::vector< double > densities
 This vector contains all the density values of the given scalar field.
double minVal = DBL_MAX
double maxVal = -DBL_MAX

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