Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CloudWriterC++-class which saves a point-cloud of Microsoft's Kinect to a ply-file. It supports per-vertex-color and the ability of mirroring the cloud along x-, y- and z-axis. It is also possible to export the points which don't have an corresponding color at the RGB-image in a custom color
FrameGrabberC++-class for grabbing both depth-images and RGB-images. Due to the varying quality of Kinects depth-reconstruction, a desired number of depth-frames can be taken an the mean of the valid depth-values is used as the resulting depth-value. To prevent outliers, the standard deviation is used as a threshold of valid values
HudC++-class which represents a HUD. The HUD (Head Up Display) is used for displaying various information to the application using OpenGL
KinectCloudC++-class which represents a point-cloud of Microsoft's Kinect and allows the reconstruction of a point-cloud applying the steps explained at the documentation
YMLParserC++-class for read in a Kinect yml calibration file and extract the intrinsic and extrisic parameters of the Kinect
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