Virtual Reality Museum
Rotating Scene

While the exploration scenes are well suited for many larger scenes, oftentimes specific artifacts or exhibits could require the whole attention of the user, with focus on small details.
To provide this kind of setting, a rotating scene has been introduced, making use of the provided VR assets of Unity. [18]

Rotating Scene

Figure 1: Column base in the rotating scene

This kind of model introduces a key variation to classical approaches:
While it looks like the scene (or object) is rotated, while the user remains stationary, the actual implementation rotates the camera around the object.
This allows Unity to statically render the lightmaps, and saves additional processing power, which can in turn be used for a higher resolution of the object.
Most importantly, due to the fixed position of the camera (or rather, fixed on the rotational axis), the induced motion sickness is reduced.
Universit├Ąt Heidelberg, 2016